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What is Partners in KindTM?
Partners in Kind connects businesses and individuals with nonprofits in search of in-kind donations for events, such as venues, food, beverages, auction items, and entertainment. Benefits for donors range from financial to social and more. Sign up now.
Every year, nonprofits host thousands of fundraising events. Every dollar and minute they spend to make these events happen means less money and time going to their causes.

Millions of businesses and individuals want to donate goods and services, whether for exposure or to do good.

Until now, there was not an easy online platform for these groups to find each other.

Find out how Partners in Kind works.
Make a Difference
Your contribution has a direct impact on nonprofits and the causes they serve.
Gain Recognition
Nonprofits may offer mentions in event programs, event websites or during speeches. Or be anonymous, if you prefer.
Make Connections
You may receive complimentary tickets to events and access to the nonprofit's managers or board of directors. Great if you're a business, or even just an individual looking to give back. You never know whom you could meet.
Good for Businesses, Big and Small
Target a demographic that might otherwise be too difficult or costly to reach. Search by event type, attendee demographic, cause and keywords to find events that fit your marketing strategy.
Smart Financial Sense
Many in-kind donations are tax deductible. Better to donate those cases of wine that haven't sold yet, or tickets to a game you can't make, than to let them go to waste.
Why it's easy :)

Search by cause, good or service needed, events, or even for any keyword site-wide. It takes seconds to see if there's an event that might be a fit, not days or lots of calls.

Private and Convenient

Be available how and when it's best for you. Browse and message with nonprofits, whether it's 8am or 2am. Partners in Kind acts as a secure communication channel so that decision makers on both sides can connect without disclosing personal contact details. The team at the NYC Ballet is just a mouse click away.

No obligation

There is no obligation to give. Ever. Signing up on Partners in Kind allows you to browse the various nonprofit events but never obligates you to donate. In fact, all nonprofits on Partners in Kind have agreed to the Code of Conduct stating that donors are always entitled to decline requests. It may actually be easier to say 'no' online, than to requests from personal contacts.

Your terms

Give what's easy for you, or what you can't use. You may not have $100 to donate, but your season tickets could raise multiples of that in an auction. Consider offering your restaurant on a slow night, leftover cases of wine from an event, entertainment if you're a performer, and so much more. (See a list of ideas here if you're a business or individual). Partners in Kind is not only about 100% in-kind donations. Most nonprofits would be thrilled to find food, beverages, etc at cost or reduced price. The terms are up to you.

Hand Picked

Deciding where to donate can be overwhelming. Partners in Kind presents a selection of high quality nonprofits across a variety of causes, and is committed to keeping a healthy ratio between nonprofits and donors. All groups are tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations.